The Vowed Life
Our Lady of Lourdes National Shrine



In general, applicants are considered for acceptance after they have been in contact with the community for a sufficient time.  This allows the individual and the community time to experience one another.  Applicants will become Postulants for a period of one year.  During this time, formal classes are begun in preparation for their religious life.


After approximately a year, the Postulant may request admission to the Novitiate.  If the community grants the request, she is accepted as a Novice.  The Novitiate lasts approximately two years and includes the study of Trinitarian spirituality, prayer, and training for the apostolate.

The Novitiate is a two-year period of deepening spiritual formation, on-going and ever deepening involvement of the person in the awareness of our responsibilities and commitment of religious consecration.

Temporary Vows

After the Novitiate is completed, the Novice may request permission to make temporary vows.  The Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity commit themselves to the evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience.

Perpetual Vows

The Sister freely asks to consecrate herself forever to God by public profession of Perpetual Vows.