Our Lady of Lourdes National Shrine


Our History

In 1198, John of Matha was inspired to found a community dedicated to the Trinity in order to share the Trinity's love through redemptive charity.

On September 8, 1762, Teresa Cucchiari followed her own special call by the Trinity and received the Trinitarian habit.  She became the Foundress of the female branch of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity.  Teresa and the first two women to join her carried out the charism of the Order, namely, redemptive charity.  These were of service to women and children living in the small towns of the hills of Avezzano, Italy.  Their work was done at the urging of Cardinal Mark Anthony Colonna.

The Cardinal saw the need to help the women and mothers and teach their children about God.  This was truly a unique and innovative type of ministry for its time. 

Over the years, this ministry included not only catechesis, but developed into caring for children in orphanages, helping sick, and establishing schools for those who otherwise would not have access to an education.

In 1920, Mother Teresa Franza brought the message and charism of the Trinity to the U.S.A.  She was a kind and willing person who chose to promote education for all.

Today, the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity still follow the example of Mother Teresa in Italy, the United States, Madagascar, and the Philippines.  We share the common call of bringing the redemptive love of the Holy Trinity to all.  Whatever we do, we do it in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity.